Baby Milestones

Baby Milestones.  Lisa Millerick’s photography is a beautiful way to capture each fleeting moment of your baby’s first year.

 These photos will be timeless, classic and ready to hang on your walls as art for years to come.

Lisa offers a complete wardrobe for your baby’s photo shoot.  She provides vintage and classic outfits.  While many backgrounds will be neutral, Lisa also offers incorporating varying colors into your pictures through wraps, blankets, outfits and more.

Baby milestones are often captured at 4 months, 6 to 9 months when babies are sitting up and not yet crawling, and at one year old.

These photos of baby milestones create a beautiful heirloom in which your babies entire first year is documented professionally.  As a mother of teenagers now, Lisa can say with certainty you will never regret this important investment in your children.

Lisa’s vast knowledge as a nurse will also provide you with the utmost comfort.  Her extensive work with families both in and out the hospital setting has made her an expert in the baby field.  Read more about Lisa.

Lisa’s retail studio is located at 1131 West Street, Southington, Connecticut.

Lisa can be reached at 860-202-9854 or fill out the CONTACT FORM!