About Newborn Sessions

Photo by Lisa Millerick Photography

About Newborn Sessions – As one of Connecticut’s premier newborn photographers, I can offer a lot of information on this topic. But let’s start here.  There is no such thing as it being too late to capture your baby.  While the ideal time frame is within the first 3 weeks, if you’ve just resurfaced from the abyss of sleep deprivation and realize your baby is five weeks old and you’d like photos, I’m your girl.  Older newborns; while the expectations need to be different; can be captured in photos just as beautifully as a two week old newborn baby.  So please don’t stress.  Capture that moment now before they grow and move on their own.  Each moment certainly offers its own preciousness that is fast and fleeting.  Pictures last forever and will be an investment I promise you won’t regret.

Most importantly, I would love you to try and relax and enjoy this newborn photo session.  Whether that means you take a snooze on the couch in the waiting area or sit and watch me create the newborn pictures you will soon see hanging on your walls, I want this to be a fun and memorable experience.  This is an investment that should be enjoyed and created together.  I will use your favorite colors and my creativity to make your photos something you will cherish forever.

When should you book your newborn pictures?  Most tend to book their photo session in their second trimester of pregnancy.  Due to nature of newborn photography, the time needed to create your photos can be up to 15 hours of work per session.  Therefore, I can only take on a certain number per month.  While I usually have some wiggle room and try to allow for last minute inquiries, I encourage everyone to plan ahead and get your session booked ahead of time.  Besides, it is one less thing to think about after your baby is born.  Contact me here to learn more today

What do you need to do to prepare for your session?  Don’t worry too much.  I will send out a detailed preparation guide 3 days before your newborn baby’s photo session.  This will include a detailed list of do’s and don’ts.  For a newborn session?  I know, you are thinking what’s to prepare.  Well, actually, there is quite a bit that can help create the most successful newborn photo session, including a bath and feeding just prior to your departure.  But you’ll get all those details and don’t need to think too much about it until a couple days before your session.

Do you need to bring anything for the baby?  Not really.  As a newborn photographer I have invested thousands of dollars into my props, outfits, hats, blankets and more.  All the outfits and colors you see throughout my newborn portfolio, are for us to use during your session too.  Filling out your questionnaire prior to your session will help me greatly.  It will allow me to prepare the right colors, outfits and props and get our creative juices flowing together to create the most beautiful art of your baby.  It will also help me to get to know your likes and dislikes a bit more, as well as what you want to get most out of your baby’s photo session.  Sometimes it’s family, sometimes it’s just baby.  Each photo session is different and beautiful in its own way.

So this brings us to the day of the session.  What do you need to know?  Here’s the down low.  It’s going to be warm.  Really warm.  Picture yourself sunning on a beach during a summer day.  So, dress appropriately.  Remember, your baby will be naked or barely clothed in some photos, so it’s important to keep the studio a balmy 80 degrees to keep them warm and comfortable.  Because of this, I try to take family photos first.  It makes it more relaxing to sit back and enjoy watching the baby’s first pictures without worrying about your own too.  POOP & PEE!!!  Expect it!  I expect it.  And sometimes lots of it.  Although we will keep baby diapered as much as we can, it isn’t always possible.  Don’t worry and don’t be embarrassed because, well, POOP HAPPENS.  I can hand wash and do wash all of my props in between sessions.  It’s just part of the job as they say.

Newborn photo sessions will all take place in my Southington, CT studio at 1131 West Street.  Lisa Millerick Photography is centrally located in the state and I attract families throughout the state of Connecticut. These specialized sessions can take anywhere from 1-4 hours depending on the session and package you have chosen.  So be prepared to spend the day with me.  Feel free to bring lunch and snacks.  Water, coffee and light snacks are always provided.  And be prepared to feed the baby, too.  If your baby is breastfeeding, you will most likely need to feed during the session.  As a postpartum and NICU nurse, I have seen it all.  So don’t worry, I’ll give you the privacy you need or even offer a few helpful hints if you have questions.  If you’re willing to use a pacifier, even if just for the session itself, I highly recommend it.  While I tend to use more natural posing, sometimes it just takes time and babies tend to settle in much easier to each pose if they are allowed to fall asleep.  Often, many times, the pacifier will help to soothe them into a newborn pose easily.

So then what happens?  Well, I hope you’ll keep coming back to capture the rest of your baby’s precious moments of course.  But, just after your newborn session, you can expect an email within the next week asking you to pick out your favorite photos for editing.  I will give you an example of an edited photo to show you what they will look like and you will be allowed to view all the photos and make your choices within 48 hours.  Once I know your favorites and how many you want, I can then begin to edit the rest.  You can expect to have your photos within 3 weeks after you choose your favorites.  All your photos will remain in a private, online gallery and you will receive high resolution digital files for download directly from the gallery.

So, that’s it!  From start to finish, this is what you can expect from your newborn baby photo session.  I am truly honored and humbled if you choose me to capture these firsts.  I know how very special this time is and I just love being part of the journey and providing you will beautiful art that will hang on your walls for years to come.