What to Wear

What to Wear – This is one of my most FAQ for all of the photo sessions I provide.  It’s a simple answer and yet a complicated one all at the same time.  Style is so personal and I love to incorporate that into your session.  So be yourself, stay true to what you love and wear what you love for these pictures.

I have a wonderful collection of maternity gowns and many moms will wear those for their baby bump sessions.  Look at my Maternity Portfolio to see a few of your options.  These can also be worn for your photos with your newborn baby.  The fabric in many of the dresses flows effortlessly and will give a romantic and soft feel to your parent photos.  If you are coming for a newborn session, the baby needs nothing.  We will swaddle the baby or have the baby naked in your arms to show just how tiny your little one is.

So again, wear what you love.  That being said there are some guidelines I always like you to follow to help you choose your own clothes and wardrobe for the entire family.

The number one rule is:  Coordinate but don’t always match.  It tends to flow really nicely when outfits pick up colors from one another, but aren’t completely the same.

I tend to love neutral colors and will often recommend that for a soft, subtle and timeless feel.  But don’t let that define your session.  If you tend to love bright colors and patterns, do it.  Patterns are wonderful, but remember to keep them in moderation.  If you have a floral dress you absolutely love for your daughter, have her wear it and build all other outfits around it.

I recently had my own family pictures taken and let me tell you, I know how difficult this is when you are trying to express yourself yet dress a large family.  Let me show you how I decided what we would ultimately wear.

Start with one person.  For my family, I started with ME.  Because, let’s face it – I want to look back on these photos and not be critical of myself at all.  I want to be able to see who I was in the most special time in my life, caring for my children.  So, I knew what I wanted for myself – timeless and classic.  The hunt was on.  I ordered EIGHT dresses.  Yep, you heard that right.  EIGHT.  And I only liked ONE.  Just one!  But that one was perfect.  Prices ranged from $35-$180 and guess what?  I liked the $35 dress best.  It was from Macy’s and had just the right feel.  Classic, fit the best parts of my body and hid what I didn’t love about my body.  What’s better than that.  So just know that you don’t have to go crazy expensive to get what you are looking for.  And taking the time well in advance to plan for yourself truly helps.

Lisa Millerick CT FAQ dress style photos what to wear

The next step was my husband and kids.  I knew the color palette I wanted for our beachside photos.  Definitely blues, pinks and creams.  So I started looking.  My 4 year old son can still get away with cutesy.  So, I found his plaid shirt in all these perfect colors.  And, again, I continued to build on that.  It wasn’t easy, but it was worth it.  Here is the final result for my four kids and my husband.  I also added a denim vest to my daughter’s cream dress to bring in the blues and yet coordinate with me still.  In total, I spent $275 on 6 outfits.  I am a bargain shopper and was able to hunt for sales truly took my time to coordinate and gather what I needed.

what to wear lisa millerick photographer FAQ

In closing, I will say this –  Making the investment in what you are wearing to your session is worth it.  And by investment, I don’t mean money.  I mean time and thought.  It is so important to feel good about what you and your family are wearing in your photos.

The possibilities are endless and I am more than willing to help you navigate along the way.  Send me your ideas and your photos as you go.  That’s what I’m here for.  Contact me today.