Meet Lisa

Southington CTIn my initial career as a neonatal nurse, I observed firsthand the tender moments between babies and parents, fleeting moments that were seldom documented. And then, when I became a parent, I found myself continually amazed by how my child’s actions and expressions were the very ones I wished I could revisit, by how quickly those moments passed and, how, once gone, they were lost forever unless I grabbed my camera right away. And I started doing just that and found myself quickly immersed in the world of digital photography. Whether posing my own children for their first day of school or at the beach or their innocent play with neighborhood children, I found myself slipping into their world, catching them unaware of their play or contemplation. My next step was to apprentice with a renowned children’s photographer. This is where I learned both the art and science of taking exceptional photos and where my background as a nurse and parent came into play by using patience and humor to bring out the essence of each child. Now, with four children of my own, I am a full-time professional photographer. I’m thrilled to say I have been recognized for my ability to capture those otherwise lost childhood moments and turn them into lifetime memories. Working with families like yours gives me tremendous joy and I look forward to the opportunity of capturing those childhood moments.