Newborn Baby Boy Photo Session

Newborn Baby Boy Photo Session

This baby boy was almost 6 weeks old by the time he came to the studio for his sweet newborn baby boy photo session.  Many newborn photographers like to photograph newborn baby pictures by two weeks old.  But my philosophy is that, while there is an ideal timeframe, it is never too late to capture your baby’s first moments.

Moments are just that.  They are fleeting and they are all precious.  Your newborn baby deserves that moment to be captured, whether it be a 5 days old or 5 weeks old.  Pictures are such an important part of our life and it helps to tell our story, not only for us, but for generations to come.

While it is so important to capture these moments, it is just as important to print these pictures and hang them on your walls so you can enjoy them.  Did you know I offer a full line of professional products for you to purchase?  To learn more and to schedule your newborn session, contact me here.  I look forward to hearing from you!


white wrap newborn pictures baby black boy photo sessionI’m always in love with a simple, neutral set up and his skin tone was so perfect for all white surrounding him.

fist pump awake newborn baby boy

Fist pumping his way into the world.  This is one of my favorites.profile baby newborn boy photo session

Profiles are always a favorite of mine to capture in pictures as well.wide awake baby boy bonnet grey neutral

Who can resist a side glance?wide awake mokumba grey baby

Pure and simple sweetness!simple sweet baby boy eyes wide open

I may not be sleepy but I sure am cute!wide awake one month neutral black baby boy pictureOh that little baby boy all wrapped up in sweet neutrals.sleepy baby boy wrapped neutralSwaddling a newborn baby is one of the best things to get them sleeping soundly.  They always love it.flokati luneberry pecan newborn boySoundly sleeping and dreaming.oh so fleeting baby pictures boy newborn dark woodThis color red on his skin tone was just amazing.toddler studio pictureSweet sister wanted to get in on the action.  How could I resist this picture?sister toddler girl serious simple

Sweet and oh so serious!sibling mom black baby boy sisterSeriously there is nothing cuter than a momma and her two babies

black newborn baby mom kiss one month

The love in this moment was palpable.  This picture is worth everything!