Ct Dance Photography

Ct Dance Photography

Dancers.  I never thought I’d be a dance mom.  But surely now I am.  With two daughters that dance competitively, I have seen firsthand the beauty in capturing that moment.  With each year, they change and grow so much.  With that in mind, I started to offer their dance studio photo sessions to capture the moment.

The dancers seem to love this moment. We have fun taking their dance pictures.  I let them try tricks and I let them look at the back of my camera to see the results.  They love that part the best.  And so do I.  Dancers tend to be very critical of themselves and like to make sure they have the perfectly pointed toes and hand placement.  But to capture their “perfection” in a moment helps them soar to new levels.  I love watching the smiles wash upon their beautiful faces and seeing their confidence in their skills grow before my eyes.  It makes all their hard work and dedication worth it.

I have now started to offer dance photo sessions in my retail studio.  Take a look at my dance portfolio and feel free to contact me for more information.

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