CT Baby Photos Maternity to One Year

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CT Baby Photos Maternity to One Year –

CT Baby Photos Maternity to One Year are some of my favorite images to capture for a family.  This family is no exception.  They traveled over an hour each session from Groton, CT area to my Southington studio.  It is such an amazing experience to watch a family grow.  From maternity to newborn to Santa to one year old, this family allowed me to photograph so many special times.

Making the investment to choose a photographer is a big decision.  Therefore, I encourage many families to wait and see how their experience was after their first session before signing on to our yearly milestone package.  I want this year of pictures to be everything you’d ever want it to be.  I want these photos to be hanging on your walls for years to come.

You will notice with these photos above, Mom loved the same vintage, classic style I do.  We were a perfect fit.  We definitely inserted a few splashes of color but overall nothing about these photos will go out of style.  I strive to be timeless.  I want you to be able to look back at our photo sessions and smile and get those warm fuzzies of our experience together.  Because in the end that is what is all about.

If you look through my portfolio here you will see I just try to capture the moment your baby is in.  Whether that be giggles and laughs or serious faces, the moment is what it is all about.  Did you know some of my favorite photos now of my own kids are the ones I didn’t love in the moment?  Why?  Because it tells a story.  The pout shows off the lips and eyes.  The timid face shows the trust they only have in their family and the love that only you can provide.  The smiles show their carefree spirt.  Each emotion offers a piece of the puzzle and allows you to remember that moment in time.  So don’t always choose the same photo.  Encourage yourself to choose the variety because I promise you will love all the expressions through the years.

Reach out to me here to book your session today.  And thank you for your continued support.  As always, I am truly humbled and blessed.