NILMDTS Miracle Newborn Baby Girl CT

one year baby girl

NILMDTS Miracle Newborn Baby Girl CT

It’s not often I get to share about my work with Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep but today I am going to share a story about volunteer work I did outside of NILMDTS and this little NILMDTS miracle newborn baby girl in CT. I sometimes wish I could share more, because what we do as volunteers is so very important to help parents going through the devastating loss of their child. The gift of photos is irreplaceable and, in many ways, I feel we help to promote loving and bonding during the most terrifying moment of a family’s life.

Today, I am honored to share one of two NILMDTS miracles. Just over a year ago, I was introduced to this beautiful family whose daughter had a life-threatening heart condition. Her loving parents made the most difficult choice to have their daughter go home with hospice and enjoy what time they had with her.

But God and Madison had other plans. At just about three weeks old, she was still here on Earth and she proved to everyone, she was here to stay. After two major surgeries, she is healthy and thriving. And, although she still has more to come, she is doing everything she is supposed to, even walking before her first birthday.

I am so honored to have met her family. And although I meet so many through sadness, our bonds become about more than that. Our bond gives us an inside perspective into the world. Life is a gift. Each day an honor and privilege.

I know this all too well from my own daughter almost dying two years ago. And I don’t take our gift lightly. I continue to be inspired by the families I serve. And I am in awe of the miracles that have been granted to a few of us. Thank you, baby girl, for sharing your family with me. It’s been an honor and privilege to watch you grow. Happy Birthday!!!

P.S. Mom is my new assistant – I think she did a great job snapping this photo of us 😉

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