Newborn Photography CT

Want to know more about Newborn Photography CT?  Well, firstly, let me say it’s a joy to meet families throughout our state and capture photos of this most precious and fleeting time.  Being a newborn photographer means I get the special honor of meeting the newest addition in your family.  It is just as exciting for me as it is for you in many ways.  Having these pictures is something I promise you will never regret.  I love knowing that art I have created for you will be hanging on your walls for years to come.  Being instrumental in preserving the moment is something I take great pride in and I consider it an honor.

But what goes into newborn photography and what should you expect?  Newborn photography is definitely a true niche and a luxury service.  It takes hours and hours of safe practice to be sure you are providing these little babies with the utmost care and concern.  I have spent thousands of dollars training with the nations top photographers learning how to safely pose and prop babies in order to achieve those most magical moments.  I also consider my nursing degree and work in the NICU to be of an incredible value to my clients, for both knowledge and safety as well.  It also takes props – thousands and thousands of dollars in props – headbands, baskets, blankets, outfits, backdrops, and more.  While I consider my style timeless and rather simplistic, the tones and textures in every photo make a difference.  They provide softness and beauty and when we incorporate your baby into that picture, it creates beautiful, meaningful art for your home.

Each newborn photography session takes approximately 15 hours or more of work.  There’s the setup, the session itself, the cleanup, the laundry, the editing and the communication with each family.  It is a lot of work and work I absolutely love.  I wouldn’t trade it for the world because I know the gift I am providing for all the families I am able to have a photo session with.

Thinking many of us as SO expensive?  I know, I know and I get it.  Before I was in the industry, well, I was just like you.  I know that for many, it may seem that newborn photographers are priced extremely high and that is why I try to offer many different sessions that will range in pricing from a swaddle me mini newborn to a full custom session.  I would rather a family get 6 beautiful photos of quality rather than 40 so so photos.  You choose me as your newborn photographer for the art you will hang on your walls, your statement pieces, the photos that will bring you joy as you reflect on years past.

Thinking you still can’t afford newborn photography?  I do offer payment plans or even a baby registry for families to put money towards as a gift for you.  A gift that is priceless, a gift that will never be sold or returned or sent to Good Will, but instead will be treasured and passed down for generations to come.

So take a look – look at my newborn portfolio here and fall in love.  Let the ooh’s and ahh’s be of your baby because you deserve to have it captured.  And please know you are worth this luxury that can only be captured once in your lifetime.  Contact me to learn more.

All Photos by Lisa Millerick Photography – Southington, CT

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