CT Preemie NICU Baby Photos

CT Preemie NICU Baby Photos

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CT Preemie NICU Baby Photos – I had the honor of being chosen by the Sydney Meaghan Memorial Foundation to photograph all the babies in the NICU at CCMC in Hartford, Connecticut.  It was such a great and fun day celebrating these strong and brave little fighters.  My whole life has been surrounded by providing care to mothers and babies and this brought me right back to when I was a NICU and postpartum nurse.  To be able to give parents a beautiful photo of their baby’s journey was an amazing feeling.  I feel as if my two careers meshed together in a perfect and happy way.

Too often we don’t capture the good moments within our greatest trials.  But yet, when we look back on these trials of having a baby or a preemie that is in the hospital, it is often so very healing.  I can say, with certainty, the photos I have of my daughter in the Pediatric ICU and her journey with toxic shock syndrome, not only have helped us be grateful for how far she has come, but also have helped to heal us from the trauma we felt afterwards.  Pictures really do last a lifetime and so often our mind lets us forget where we have been.  I hope these celebratory photos of all the babies in the NICU will provide the same healing and comfort it did for my family during our scariest moments.

I can’t thank the Sydney Meaghan Memorial Foundation enough for allowing me this great honor and I urge anyone to consider donating to causes that truly capture your heart and your journey.  Together, we can all make a difference in even a very small way.

Please remember to capture your loved ones today.  Each day is a gift and within even our darkest days there are moments of love and joy.  If you’d like your baby or newborn captured today, please inquire with me by clicking here.